About the Afrikanet VSAT Academy Program

Program Overview

The AFRIKANET VSAT Academy Program offers grants for African undergraduate and post graduate students to pursue a VSAT certificate program at the GVF. Such international exchange is intended to better prepare African students who major or minor in the technological and electronic fields to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world.

International experience is critically important in the educational and career development of African students, but it can also require a substantial financial investment. The AFRIKANET VSAT Academy Program broadens the student population that studies abroad by supporting undergraduates who might not otherwise participate due to financial constraints. The AFRIKANET VSAT Program aims to support students who are interested in the VSAT and Aerospatiale technology to improve their knowledge, get certified and be ready for the job market; home or abroad. The program seeks to assist students from a diverse range of public and private institutions from all over Africa.

This study program offered by AFRIKANET will be a special experience for every student who participates. Learning about the VSAT and Aerospatiale technology within the AFRIKANET Program exposes our students to alternate views, but also adds an enriching social and cultural experience. It also provides our students with the opportunity to finish this program with a deeper understanding of their place in the world, encouraging them to be a contributor, rather than a spectator in their community.

Award recipients are chosen by a competitive selection process and must use the award to defray eligible study costs.

This program is sponsored by the CEO of AFRIKANET, Mr. Casimir Berthier Fotso. AFRIKANET Afrikanet Oxford Consultech is a UK registered Company with headquarters in London. We have 4 fully redundant Virtual Network Centers in Germany, the Netherlands, UK and the USA on iDirect and a Comtech Vipersat Hub in the Netherlands. All the Hubs are remotely managed from the company’s Network Centre in London.

The candidates should have an undergraduate status, a good academic standing and meet the criteria listed below:

  • The applicant is studying in his or her final year at the university in any of the afore mentioned countries.
  • The applicant must be working towards a degree in the field of technology or electronics.
  • Enrolled as a full-time student in the academic year 2015-2016 at an accredited post-secondary institution (as determined by the AVAP).
  • Earning a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • An applicant is eligible to apply only three times, after which his/her application will not be taken into account.

Note: AFRIKANET VSAT ACADEMY PROGRAM recipients can only receive the scholarship once. If a student previously declined the AFRIKANET VSAT ACADEMY PROGRAM AWARD, they are welcome to re-apply, as long as they still meet all eligibility requirements as listed above.

If you are unsure about your eligibility status, please contact us at : cemac@afrikanet.net

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